Deniz and her friends, who have been apart for the summer have much to tell each other. The senior boys have suddenly grown tall; new albums have been released; the natural gas pipeline has finally made its way to Balikesir. Yet at the same time, not much has changed. While adults are busy with their professional lives, Deniz and her friends are still confused about their university plans. Through the worries of their daily routines, they make plans for the future, yet the challenges of teenage years/adolescence are burdensome. Deniz gets closer with her schoolmate Kaya, at the same time she’s interested in the school counselor Firat. She wants to prove what she is feeling is not “the usual.” Deniz desires a life that is different than the ideals of her friends and the one her parents are living. A song nobody has heard of, a hopeless love, solitude... Ankara instead of Istanbul, social sciences over natural sciences... A different world, but where exactly?




genre: coming of age

length: 97 minutes

languages: turkish

release: march 7th 2014

distribution : M3 Film












directors & script

Zeynep Dadak and Merve Kayan

DOP Daniel Bouquet

editor Cicek Kahraman

sounddesign Kostas Varibopiotus

music Kim Ki O


Producer Bulut Film

Co-Producer Riva Film, Two Thirty Five, Family Affair Films



Ayris Alptekin

Onur Saylak

Baris Hacihan

Akbina Ozden

Nazli Bulum

Begüm Akkaua

Sude Aslantas






Ministry of Culture and Tourism Turkey

Municipality of Balikesir

Hamburg Film Fund

Hubert Bals Script and Development Fund






Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival 2013
Berlinale - selected Generation 14+ 2014
57th San Francisco International Film Festival 2014

Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival (2013), Best Debut (National Competition)
Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival (2013), Best Script-Dadak, Merve Kayan (National Competition)
Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival (2013), Best Editing-Cicek Kahraman (National Competition