Nacht van de Fanfare


David and Claudia live on a farm in the countryside. They fight a silent war. On a rainy evening the bell rings. Three brassband members with car trouble stand in front of the door. Claudia lets the men in and the silent war between the couple becomes a very loud one.


time 15:00

Starring Raymond Thiry, Bianca Krijgsman, Arno Bakker, Tommie Freke, Joop van der Linden director Anna van Keimpema writer Amarins Romkema dop Lonneke Worm Production Design Marieke Winters editor Tim Wijbenga sound design Michiel de Boer line producer Jasper de Haan





WOMEN Media and Arts Festival in Sydney, Australia

Altonale Festival in Hamburg, Germany

International Documentary Short Film Festival in Kerala, India


Nederlands Film Festival