SILENT HEAT -  short 

On a vacation with her girlfriend Lyla’s fantasies are triggered in an unexpected way. After she is stung by a sea urchin she meets the sensual Valéry who takes her to an underground sub culture with a peculiar fetisj. The island appears to be full of pleasure and a scenery of desire that will change Lyla’s life forever. 

written and to be directed by Luciënne Venner  financer Netherlands Filmfund, Brand Cultuurfonds

CARGO-  short 

A successful data analyst takes care of his sick father in addition to his busy job. If he has to travel to Amsterdam for work, the pressure becomes too great. A special encounter with a stranger ensures that Andriy finally lets go.

written and to be directed by Mariia Ponomarova financer Netherlands Filmfund

SEEDS - short

In a half-finished residential area on the edge of a rural village, a family in which three cultures live together in one house. In a spherical portrait, the subcutaneous conflicts that govern the daily life of this family are slowly unraveled.

written and to be directed by Ravi Sandberg financer Netherlands Filmfund


Poul Olson works as a guard in the prison of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague. He gets tangled up in a ruthless power game with one of the alleged war criminals and one of his victims. No one seems to be able to stop the disastrous chain of events.

to be directed by Boris Paval Conen, written by Anjet Daanje financer Netherlands Filmfund

FLOATING - feature

Two people want to make their dreams come true in a world without borders. Is it possible to settle in unfamiliar surroundings? Or will you always be on the move? Forever moving, forever floating.

written and to be directed by Quirine Racke & Helena Muskens financer Netherlands Filmfund

STRANGER - feature

A young independent Dutch woman falls madly in love with a charismatic lawyer of Moroccan origin. On a trip to his place of birth, he is wrongly accused of murder. After their return she must discover which stranger is lurking behind his immaculate appearance.

written and to be directed by Urszula Antoniak financer Netherlands Filmfund


The summer of 1974. The city is empty, all their friends are on holiday and Daan and Jonas — not friends — will simply have to get on with each other. But their heads are full of Heleentje, who's gone — but not on holiday.

written by Guido van Driel & Bas Blokker to be directed by Guido van Driel financer Netherlands Filmfund

CALFS HEAD - feature

Ann, a 28-year-old severely obese woman, still lives with her dominant mother. When she is fired because of her body size, her mother decides to intervene in an unorthodox manner.
How does Ann separate herself from her mother so she can go on with her life without this oppressive baggage?

to be written and be directed by Rosanne Pel

HIDEOUS HENK - animation web-series

Hank, an ugly and angry Chihuahua, is overexcited when he finally gets adopted. When it turns out his new boss only wants to use him to get more instagram followers, Hank tries desperately to escape. But every attempt he makes to escape only makes him more popular...

to be written by Britt Snel, to be directed and animated by Junaid Chundrigar coproducer NTR financer NPO 3LAB

SUMMERFUR - feature film

Brian (13) lives with his father in a caravan on a remote site. During the summer vacation he is forced to look after his severely mentally impaired brother Lucien (18). But how do you make the right choices if you still have to discover so much yourself?

to be directed by Joren Molter, written by Britt Snel  based on a novel by Jaap Robben financer Netherlands Filmfund 

WHITE BERRY - feature film

Kya (18), an albino girl of African descent, tries to be just as 'black' as the girls from the close-knit Ghanaian community, but she continues to feel like an outsider. When the fashion world sees a pearl in her white skin, she becomes entangled in an inner struggle for who she really is.

to be directed by Sia Hermanides, written by Ilse Ott financer Netherlands Filmfund

KRASSEN - single play

Bianca, in her forties with an inferiority complex, has been trying to satisfy her demanding mother all her life. When she finds a friend in a new colleague, a new world opens for Bianca.  When he  suddenly disappears from her life,  she has to find her inner strength.

to be directed and written by Hyo Kaag coproducer NTR financer Netherlands Filmfund, NPO Fund

CRONOS - single play

Like father like son? Or is it possible to escape the legacy of blood?

to be directed by Michael Middelkoop and written by Moniek Kramer coproducer BNNVARA financer Netherlands Filmfund, NPO Fund