MAGNUS - feature

A 28-year-old man with epilepsy travels to Sweden to find out who has been using his credit card. The confrontation with the fraud leads to a series of unexpected events that will change his life

to be directed by Mirjam de With, written by Mirjam Oomkes based on a novel by Arjen Lubach financer Netherlands Filmfund


Poul Olson works as a guard in the prison of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague. He gets tangled up in a ruthless power game with one of the alleged war criminals and one of his victims. No one seems to be able to stop the disastrous chain of events.

to be directed by Boris Paval Conen, written by Anjet Daanje financer Netherlands Filmfund

FLOATING - feature

Two people want to make their dreams come true in a world without borders. Is it possible to settle in unfamiliar surroundings? Or will you always be on the move? Forever moving, forever floating.

written and to be directed by Quirine Racke & Helena Muskens financer Netherlands Filmfund

STRANGER - feature

A young independent Dutch woman falls madly in love with a charismatic lawyer of Moroccan origin. On a trip to his place of birth, he is wrongly accused of murder. After their return she must discover which stranger is lurking behind his immaculate appearance.

written and to be directed by Urszula Antoniak financer Netherlands Filmfund


The summer of 1974. The city is empty, all their friends are on holiday and Daan and Jonas — not friends — will simply have to get on with each other. But their heads are full of Heleentje, who's gone — but not on holiday.

written by Guido van Driel & Bas Blokker to be directed by Guido van Driel financer Netherlands Filmfund

PADDED LADY - feature

Ann, a 28-year-old severely obese woman, still lives with her dominant mother. When she is fired because of her body size, her mother decides to intervene in an unorthodox manner.
How does Ann separate herself from her mother so she can go on with her life without this oppressive baggage?

to be written and be directed by Rosanne Pel

FRED HET HERT - short animation

When the artist starts drawing a deer, she could not have foreseen this little drawn deer has very clear ideas of how he has took and what he wants to do. Who will get his way, the deer or the artist?

to be written by Chris Westendorp to be directed by Pépé Smit animation Sverre Frederiksen

SILENT HEAT - experimental short 

On a vacation with her girlfriend Lyla’s fantasies are triggered in an unexpected way. After she is stung by a sea urchin she meets the sensual Valéry who takes her to an underground sub culture with a peculiar fetisj. The island appears to be full of pleasure and a scenery of desire that will change Lyla’s life forever. 

to be written and to be directed by Luciënne Venner  financer Netherlands Filmfund