Congolese Binti (12) has lived in Belgium her whole life and dreams of being a famous youtuber/vlogger. When she and her dad Jovial are being deported, Binti sees but one solution: her dad has to marry the mom of her best friend Elias (11).

directed and written by Frederike Migom year 2019 length 86 minutes, language dutch financers Flanders Audiovisual Fund, Netherlands Film Production Incentive, BNP Paribas Fortis Film Finance, centre du cinema et de l'audiovisual de la federation Wallonie-Bruxelles, Ketnet, Telenet

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Graphic novelist Marie Wankelmut lives in the Amsterdam Red Light District where she spends her time at home, in the pub and in the liquor store. Her life is empty after the success of her graphic novel Porn for the Blind. Horrific events in her next door neighbours' house stir Marie into action.

directed and written by Guido van Driel & Lennert Hillege year 2019 length 83 minutes, language dutch, german, english financers Netherlands Filmfund, Netherlands Film Production Incentive, Eurimages, coBO Fund, Creative Europe Programme of the European Union Media, Belgian Tax Shelter, BNP Paribas Fortis Film Finance

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15-year-old Eryk lives with his mother, grandmother and great-grandmother in a rural village in Poland. His father has been out of the picture for as long as Eryk can remember. , He has a close bond with his manipulative and dominant mother and feelings for his 13-year-old neighbour Klaudia. But Eryk does not know the difference between love and abuse.

directed and written by Rosanne Pel year 2018 length 85 minutes, language polish financers Netherlands Filmfund, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Abraham Tuschinski Fund, Netherlands Film Academy

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Instead of making the trip to India she had planned, 27-year-old Fem goes backpacking in her hometown of Amsterdam. Fem doesn’t dare tell her boyfriend the truth and she gets tangled up in a crazy lie.

directed by Mirjam de With written by Anke Boerstra year 2018 length 85 minutes, language english, dutch financers coBO Fund, NPO Fund

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Nothing about Michael — a young and successful Berlin lawyer — gives away his Polish roots. The sudden appearance of his father — who was presumed dead — plunges Michael into an existential crisis. After his father leaves, Michael is unable to simply resume his life as a German.

directed and written by Urszula Antoniak year 2017 length 87 minutes, language polish, german financer Netherlands Filmfund, Netherlands Film Production Incentive, Polish Film Institute, Lodz, Eurimages

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Bookseller Simon Antonisse is forced to close his shop because of disappointing sales. Disaster strikes when he witnesses a suicide. Childhood memories creep up on him and his life slowly turns into a stormy dream. Only Floor, a young girl he meets by chance, can give him the peace and quiet he desperately longs for. But is Floor who Simon thinks she is?

directed by Stanley Kolk , written by Philip Delmaar based on a graphic novel by Aimee de Jongh year 2017 length 90 minutes, language dutch financer coBO, NPO Fund

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After a disturbing call from his mother, Johan has no choice but to leave Norway and return to his hometown that he left many years ago. Back in Volendam Johan has to face the past he has been running away from.

directed by Mirjam de With written by Cecilie Levy year 2016 length 86 minutes, language dutch, english, norwegian financers coBO, NPO Fund

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Having lost his memory after a mugging, a man known only as 'MP' (Missing Person) leaves his home and sets out on a journey. He searches not only for his memory but perhaps also for a new identity. MP finds himself confronted by a world in which there are no certainties anymore, in an era that in crisis on many levels.

directed by Fiona Tan written by Jonathan Romney and Fiona Tan year 2016 length 95 minutes financers Netherlands Filmfund, Mondriaan Fund, Mitteldeutsche Mediendörerung, Bord Scanna na Heirann/The IIrish Film Board, Fonds 21, Media Programme of the EU, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Dommering Foundation, Ellipsis Foundation, Abraham Tuschinski Fund

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Young art gallery owner Katarina finds herself embroiled in an international art smuggling ring. The nightmare begins when strange things happen after the opening show of her gallery. An enigmatic man approaches Katarina and her father —an art dealer — disappears. All clues point to Egypt, still caught in the whirlwind of the dramatic events known as the Arab Spring.

directed and written by Axel Petersén year 2016 length 87 minutes languages swedish, danish, english, arabic financers Svenska Filminstitutet, Film i Väst, Netherlands Film Fund, Netherlands Production Incentive

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The sudden death of his mum turns 8-year-old Nino’s life upside down. With his dad suffering from depression and his big brother in a street gang, Nino is left to his own devices. But Nino has a special talent: he can talk to animals. His pet rabbit Bobby offers him comfort, but when will Nino get his family back?

directed by Simone van Dusseldorp based on a script by Urszula Antoniak year 2014 length 77 minutes languages dutch financers Netherlands Filmfund, Netherlands Film Production Incentive, CoBO Fund, Creative Europe, Screen Flanders, Eurimages

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Frikke, a 14-year-old boy, discovers a sinister computer game that uses real children from his neighbourhood as players. In a race against time Frikke must find the evil creator of this horrible game.

directed and written by Douglass Boswell year 2014 length 99 minutes languages dutch financers Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), Netherlands Filmfund, Commission Audiovisuelle et de cinéma de la Communauté française et de VOO, Bruxellimages and Screen Flanders. Co-financed through the Belgian tax shelter system.

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Deniz and her friends have been apart for the summer and they have much to tell each other. Despite the worries of their daily routines they make plans for the future, yet the challenges of adolescence are burdensome. Deniz gets closer with her schoolmate Kaya and at the same time she’s interested in the school counselor Firat. Deniz desires a life that is different from the ideals of her friends and her parents’. A song nobody has heard, a hopeless love, solitude...

directed and written by Zeynep Dadak & Merve Kayanl year 2013 length 99 minutes languages turkish financers Ministry of Culture and Tourism Turkey, Municipality of Balekesir, Hamburg Film Fund, Hubert Bals Fund, Eurimages

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Marian, a middle-aged nurse, devotes herself to her patients like a saint.
Sometimes she even takes on the role of a redeemer, by helping the gravely ill to the soothing order of ultimate silence. When she gets linked to a neighbor in an act of common voyeurism, she becomes fascinated by him. Faced with the fragility of these newfound emotions, Marian surrenders to her human needs.

directed and written by Urszula Antoniak year 2011 length 81 minutes languages dutch, english financers Netherlands Filmfund, Danish Filmfund, coBO, Mediafonds

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A young vagabond strikes a deal with a lonely old man, but on her conditions: food in exchange for work. Their deal changes when a struggle ensues between freedom and solidarity.

directed and written by Urszula Antoniak year 2009 length 85 minutes languages dutch, english financers Netherlands Filmfund, Irish Film Board, coBO

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