15-year-old Eryk lives with his mother, grandmother and great-grandmother in a rural village in Poland. His father has been out of the picture for as long as Eryk can remember. , He has a close bond with his manipulative and dominant mother and feelings for his 13-year-old neighbour Klaudia. But Eryk does not know the difference between love and abuse.

main cast Eryk Walny, Ewa Makuła, Klaudia Przybylska, Wanda Sobczak, Małgorzata Kropidłowsk

script & director Rosanne Pel DOP Aafke Beernink Editor Xander Nijsten Sound Design Mark Glynne Sound Recordists Leleanne Lindenaar, Jaap Sijben Production Managers Robert Wozniak, Chris Stenger, Tessa Beijer, Benthe van Wallenburg, Malwina Kowalska Producer Floor Onrust all cast & crew

length 85 minutes languages polish distributor Family Affair Films sales agent Wide Management financers Netherlands Filmfund, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Abraham Tuschinski Fund, Netherlands Film Academy

festivals Toronto International Film Festival Section, Netherlands Film Festival, Roma Film Festival

wins Netherlands Film Festival 2018: VEVAN Fund price for forum of the directors, KNF Award of the Dutch Filmcritics