Human Nature is a short animation film about the love animals have for people, and the harm they consciously or unconsciously cause to us.

a film by Sverre Fredriksen & Zaou Vaughan directed by Sverre Fredriksen written by Britt Snel year 2019 length 2 minutes, language none financers Netherlands Filmfund, Fonds 21, Pathé, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Film Producers Netherlands, Creative Industries Fund NL, Provincie Gelderland

all cast & crew


Venus Pools is a dream dialogue between various mysterious women in which a dance of dreaming and wandering arises.

directed and written by Luciënne Venner year 2019 length 3 minutes, language limburgish, english financers Netherlands Filmfund, Brand Cultuurfonds Limburg

all cast & crew


When Ella and her daughter visits a museum with the child of a colleague, she suddenly becomes aware of a side of herself that had been hidden till then.

directed by Joren Molter, written by Britt Snel year 2018 length 9 minutes, language dutch financers Netherlands Filmfund, Kunstraad Groningenall cast & crew


Sophie is on a rollercoaster of emotions while she is waiting for the results of her medical examination. The outcome will tell if the cancer has spread or not. During these uncertain times, Sophie realizes she loves life.

written and directed by Simone van Dusseldorp year 2017 length 10 minutes, language dutch financers Netherlands Filmfund, CoBO, NPO

all cast & crew


Onno — a balding socially awkward young man — finds his father lying dead under the Christmas tree. His mother gives him his father’s car and sheepdog Snow and tells Onno to take care of them. When he loses Snow, Onno is descends into a state of limbo. He aimlessly drives his car through no man’s land. When Onno is finally able to break through his inertia, he’s able to say farewell to his father and start living a life of his own.

written and directed by Lisette Olsthoorn year 2017 length 21 minutes, language dutch financers Netherlands Filmfund, City of Rotterdam


David and Claudia live on a farm in the countryside where they fight each other in a silent war. On a rainy evening the bell rings. Three brassband members with car trouble are at the door. Claudia lets the men in and the silent war between the couple turns into a very loud one.

directed by Anna van Keimpema, written by Amarins Romkema year 2016 length 15 minutes, language dutch financers Netherlands Filmfund, Kunstraad Groningen

all cast & crew


SHE/HER is a film about the balance of power and the deep underlying emotions of a mother-daughter relationship: the uncertainties, manipulation, dependence and ultimately the love..

directed by Sonja Wyss, choreographed by Cecilia Moisio, written by Sonja Wyss & Cecilia Moisio year 2015 length 11 minutes financers Mediafonds coproducer NTR

all cast & crew


In this dance film an African man is feverishly looking for his wife who has vanished without a trace. His quest unfolds like a road movie and partly takes place in a supernatural reality where the longing for his loved one remains undiminished. Torn between the modern world and traditional African life, he wonders if he may have lost his beloved to an invisible world.

directed by Tami Ravid, choreographed by Feri de Geus, written by Tami Ravid & Feri de Geus year 2015 length 11 minutes financers Mediafonds coproducer NTR

all cast & crew

AWAY دور

A young couple move from Iran to the Netherlands. The woman tries to explore the new environment and adapts herself to it. However, the contrast between where they came from and where they now live, their isolation and being away from family and friends, makes the woman dispirited and homesick. The nostalgia and the memories of her country encourage the woman to abandon reality and she flees into sleep and dreams. But a peculiar phenomenon threatens her life…

written and directed by Parisa Aminolahi year 2013 length 15 minutes financer Netherlands Filmfund


Dreamy little Isa is walking to school, holding her father’s hand while they walk along a busy road. Isa forgets the world around her as she becomes fascinated by a girl across the street.

directed by Steven Wouterlood written by Maarten van Voornveld & Chiel van der Wolf year 2013 length 8 minutes financing through Cinecrowd

all cast & crew


An abnormal phenomenon occurs in an olive grove when one of the trees suddenly shakes its branches fiercely, thereby evoking an uprising. As the natural protest arises, a police squad rallies through the landscape and seeks to suppress the rebellion. This film is inspired by the ancient labour of the olive harvest, which encompasses both cultivation and aggression.

directed by Chaja Hertog & Nir Nadler, choreographed by Aitana Cordero Vico year 2013 length 10 minutes financers Mediafonds coproducer NTR


A man and a woman go on an underground quest for each other. As their journey progresses, they pass the most diverse landscapes while they overcome several obstacles. The film portrays the idea that love knows neither nationality nor limits in a surreal and powerful way.

directed and written by Chaja Hertog & Nir Nadler year 2012 length 14 minutes financers Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Netherlands Filmfund, Kunsten Israel

all cast & crew

HYPNAGOGIA - the borderland state

A dance film about that transitional state between wakefulness and sleep known as hypnagogia. A choreographer struggling with his latest creation discovers the key to his work in a dream.

written and directed by Frank Scheffer, choreographed by Muhanad Rasheed year 2011 length 12 minutes financers Mediafonds coproducer NTR

all cast & crew


An aimless but curious group of youngsters slip through a fence and find themselves on the construction site for Amsterdam's North-South metro line. A parcours starts that brings them to a crescendo of new perspectives on themselves and their companions.

directed and written by Esther Rots & Dan Geesin choreographed by Melissa Ellberger year 2011 length 9 minutes financers Mediafonds coproducer NTR

all cast & crew


Mina (7) loves Minnie Mouse and wears her mouse ears to school every day. Her teacher and her mother want her to act normal and dress the same as the other children. Will Mina succeed in being who she wants to be?

directed by Mirjam de With, written by Hakima Elouarti year 2011 length 15 minutes financers Mediafonds coproducer VPRO

all cast & crew


Through the eyes of 8-year-old Linus, we see the day that his mother and her new boyfriend come to collect her stuff. The impact of the divorce is told by the details of the removal.

directed by Mirjam de With written by Stefan Boon & Martine Nijhoff year 2010 length 10 minutes financers Netherlands Filmfund, CoBO, Mediafund coproducer NPS

all cast & crew


Best friends Mowgli (24) and Fidel (23) are about to go on a long journey. Everything goes as planned except for the fact that Mowgli doesn't see that Fidel would rather stay at home.

directed by Janneke van Heesch written by Desiree Duwel year 2010 length 10 minutes financers Netherlands Filmfund, CoBO, Mediafund coproducer NPS

all cast & crew


Maarten en Bram are taken to the coolest skatepark out of town by Fabrice and Tom.

directed and written by Marc Kniphorst year 2010 length 15 minutes

all cast & crew


A young vagabond makes a deal with a lonely old man, on her conditions. Work for food. Their deal changes in s struggle between freedom and solidarity

directed by Floris-Jan van Luyn written by Tjyying Liu year 2009 length 17 minutes

all cast & crew


When her father goes to fight in the war he gives Karen a baby chicken. By the time the chick has grown into a chicken, father will have returned home from the war. 

directed by Diederik van Rooijen written by Burny Bos year 2007 length 12 minutes financers Netherlands Film Festival

all cast & crew


Marc wakes up in a cold and empty space. He is tied to a chair and seems to have been kidnapped by Job. Job and Marc share a history. They and are bound together by a dramatic car accident. This night, perpetrator and victim reconstruct the biggest mistake of their lives. 

written and directed by Diederik van Rooijen year 2006 length 10 minutes financers Netherlands Filmfund, CoBO, Mediafund coproducer NPS

all cast & crew


Jimmy lives with his mom in an apartment complex on the outskirts of Amsterdam. At night he is haunted by an appearance that appears to be trying to make something clear to him. His best friend Henk, a man marked by tragic events, also experiences these strange visits. Only when fate knocks on the door, does it become clear what the messenger meant to pass along. But by then it is already too late for some.

written and directed by Diederik van Rooijen year 2005 length 12 minutes

all cast & crew


A heart attack lands an old man in the hospital. He is physically and mentally confronted with his past, in which a secret lies buried that he has managed to keep hidden for a long time. 

written and directed by Diederik van Rooijen year 2005 length 9 minutes financer Netherlands Filmfund

all cast & crew


A little girl finds a dead bird. She decides to give the little bird a decent funeral… in a black patent leather shoe that she finds in the park.

written and directed by Diederik van Rooijen year 2002 length 3 minutes

all cast & crew