Alko, a youngster living in the Dutch countryside, is occupied with girls, carbide-shooting and his changing body. While he and his best friend Björn are struggling with their emerging sexuality, the villagers suspect Alko of being gay. This troubles him so much that he makes a decision he will learn to regret.

directed by Joren Molter, written by Britt Snel year 2018 length 41 minutes, language dutch coproducer NTR

all crew & cast 


It is in twin brothers Tom and Marnix’ nature to do everything together, like they have always done. Their parents and teachers think the boys are getting too old for that and try to separate them. When they both fall in love with the new girl Rosa — and she falls in love with them — they take drastic measures to stay together.

directed by Janneke van Heesch, written by Martine Nijhoff year 2016 length 22 minutes, language dutch financers coBO Fund, Mediafonds coproducer VPRO

all crew & cast 


Sophie is on a rollercoaster of emotions while she is waiting for the results of her medical examination. The outcome will tell if the cancer has spread or not. During these uncertain times, Sophie realizes she loves life.

directed and written by Wiam Al-Zabari year 2014 length 48 minutes, language dutch financers coBO Fund, Mediafonds coproducer VARA

all crew & cast


When CEO Basile H. returns home from a business trip, nothing can foil the growth of his success. Or so it seems. He is considered for a high-ranking position in Frankfurt, he has a well-to-do wife with whom he lives in a beautiful residence in the woods. Then his lawyer calls him with the announcement that a complaint has been filed against him by a waitress that he took to his hotel room the night before. Basile trusts he will win this time too. But the dice are cast differently than he thinks.

directed by Janneke van Heesch written by Rob Arends & Lisa de Rooi year 2014 length 46 minutes, language dutch financers coBO Fund, Mediafonds coproducer VPRO

all crew & cast


19-year-old protagonist Diede is the coolest guy in the shack, a place where he and his friends come together in the Frisian countryside. On a day like any other day, Diede has a serious accident. He is completely paralyzed, suffers from locked-in syndrome and can’t even speak anymore. This does not only change Diede’s life drastically but also the lives of the people around him.

directed by Mirjam de With , written by Eveline Verwoerd year 2014 length 10 x 25 minutes, language dutch, frysian coproducer Omrop Fryslan financer Mediafonds

all crew & cast


Sweet Love is a short musical film in which all grown-up roles are played by children. From the mayor to the bulldozer-driver, from journalists to rich man Ralph; the man who owns all the candy in the city. Journalist Robin is the storyteller and takes us back to the history of a small city.

directed by Albert Jan van Rees, written by Martijn Hillenius year 2013 length 25 minutes, language dutch coproducer VPRO financer Mediafonds

all crew & cast


Among rural green meadows and sweet pink cakes, guests arrive for a romantic wedding. Master of ceremonies Ellen tries to make this day an unforgettable one but she gets entangled in the monkeyshine of her half-sister, the infidelity of her husband, the first love of her daughter, the antics of her mother and the ropes of a hot-air balloon. Will they realize that only their fear stands in the way of their happiness? Who will throw the ballast overboard and take off?

directed by Mirjam de With written by Anke Boerstra year 2012 length 50 minutes financers coBO, Mediafonds coproducer NTR

all cast & crew


Boy ('the helper') tells the story of an invisible member of our society: a nameless and illegal Filipino cleaner. Moving continuously from one location to the other, he is living between being seen and being invisible, between his life with his boyfriend — an erotic dancer — and his role as financial provider for his family back home. All this changes when one of his employers commits suicide and his boyfriend auditions for a dance company. A charming photographer shows an interest in him. He wants him as a model for a photo series.

directed by Tami Ravid written by Cecilie Levy year 2012 length 48 minutes financers coBO, Mediafonds coproducer VARA

all cast & crew