SEE ME in production short animation

When nobody wants to see you, your vision changes. Only when you fall, you seem to be a part of everybody, just for a little while.

written and to be directed by Patty Stenger visual artist Yvonne Kroese animation Happy Ship financer Netherlands Filmfund, Voordekunst, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Stimuleringsfonds Creative Industry

HEMELRIJKEN in production feature

When Kelly is released from prison, her sister Samantha tries hard to keep her on the right track. But then Kelly’s ex-boyfriend Eddy gets back into her life.

to be directed by Stanley Kolk written by Chris Westendorp release year 2020 length 80 minutes, language dutch financers CoBO, NPO Fund coproducer EO

MAGIC MOUNTAINS in production feature

Hannah travels through the Polish mountains with her ex-boyfriend Lex. During their journey the young woman finds out that Lex has prepared the perfect crime, with Hannah as his victim.

written by and to be directed by Urszula Antoniak release year 2020 length 80 minutes, language dutch, english financers CoBO, NPO Fund coproducer NTR

3 MINUTES - 60 MINUTES A LENGTHENING in production feature

Can a film of three minutes last an hour? Three Minutes - Sixty Minutes shows film footage from 1938 shot in a Jewish town in Poland and is trying to delay the end of it. As long as we see, history is not over yet.

directed by Bianca Stigter release year tbd length 60 minutes, language dutch, polish, english financers Netherlands Filmfund, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Critics’Choice

OCCUPIED CITY in pre production documentary

Living in Amsterdam is like living with ghosts. It seems there are two parallel narratives occurring. The past is always present. Turning a corner or blinking can be like stepping into the past. It almost feels like one has lead shoes. The soil is not dry of the past.

to be directed by Steve McQueen written by Bianca Stigter financer Netherlands Filmfund co producer Lammas Park, Pinky Ghundale